Free Egg Freezing Offer

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Free Egg Freezing

with 5 years of prepaid storage fees

Regular Price: $9,800

What is included:

REI physician consultation, unlimited ultrasound monitoring, egg retrieval surgery, anesthesia, all the lab work and 5 years storage.

What is not included:

Medication (paid to pharmacy directly), bloodwork (lab bills your insurance directly).

Limited time offer:

5 patients per month
Need to reserve before 12/31/2022

Call or email now for more information:

949-Mom-Baby (949-666-2229)
[email protected]

More information about egg freezing

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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing helps women maximize the time period they can have children by freezing and storing eggs at their healthiest stage.

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Authorization and Informed Consent

This consent form provides a description of the storage, retrieval and disposal process.

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