Ready to Grow Your Family With Dr. Abae?

Welcome to Envita Fertility Center

Envita welcomes Dr. Mick Abae’s previous patients to his new fertility center in Orange County, California!

Prior to moving to Southern California in 2020, Dr. Abae had a thriving Florida practice. After an outpouring of support from former patients, Evita is thrilled to announce a special promotion for Dr. Abae’s previous patients!

Patients from Dr. Abae’s Florida practice are invited to visit our a state-of-the-art fertility clinic in Laguna Hills, California, to build a bigger family under Dr. Abae’s expert care. We also invite all his former patients to share their previous experiences with Dr. Abae.

At Envita, everyone is a VIP – very important patient

And we have a thing for the small things: Each Envita patient gets a dedicated fertility coordinator, a patient’s personal care guide through every clinic detail, from the very first phone call to meeting your little miracle.

Infertility treatment & services overview

Following are the more common infertility treatments and fertility services. Envita offers patients the entire range of evidence-based fertility treatments. Some treatments may be used together or in sequence.

We have a thing for the small things

Our fertility doctor takes great care to discuss treatment options and details and to answer patients’ questions and concerns in order to develop a treatment plan that’s right for each individual – and he’s there for every appointment. Envita also assigns each patient a dedicated coordinator who acts as the patient’s personal care guide from the very first contact and consultation all the way through treatment.

Traveling to California to see Dr. Abae

Previous Patient Promotion

Previous patients of Dr. Abea who travel to Envita to continue their fertility care, will enjoy:

  • Up to $500 for travel reimbursement.*
  • Discounted hotel rates at a few nearby and reputable hotels.
  • Envita will coordinate retrieving previous medical records and specimen shipping/transfer.

Partner hotel

Hilton Garden Inn
Irvine Spectrum/Lake Forest
2381 Morse Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614

The above offer is valid through December, 31, 2023.