Our mission is to help our patients succeed. Here are testimonials from some of Dr. Abae’s and Envita’s past patients.

We get to know each of our patients and their stories. That’s why we acknowledge every journey as unique. When patients send us their words of appreciation, we feel especially honored to have helped them. We invite you to share your own testimonial with us.

Surgery gave me all the hope I needed

Dr. Abae, I wanted to thank you. After years of failed attempts with my previous doctor, you diagnosed me almost immediately and made my biggest dream come true. On our very first attempt, our first IVF with you, you told me my ovaries over stimulated and left it up to my husband and I if we wanted to proceed. We did and it worked!! You were there for us when we nearly lost all hope. You were also there for us when we thought I was miscarrying. We gave birth to our first born. A few years later you were there for us again. This time we were able to get pregnant on our own. But your amazing staff allowed me to come in and confirm my pregnancy. Our second was born. And now, we have welcomed [another] baby. None of my children would be here if it wasn’t for you. You performed the surgery that corrected my uterus and gave me all the hope I needed.

– A patient letter to Dr. Abae, 2020

Happy and healthy thanks to Dr. Abae

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for a while. We learned that conceiving naturally would most likely never happen [for us]. This was figured out by my OBGYN who referred me to see Dr. Abae. Like many people I thought that before we did anything crazy “expensive” we should first do an IUI. Dr. Abae suggested against it due to the low success rate but stated he would do whatever we wished. We first tried the IUI and without surprise it didn’t work for us. We realized we would need to do IVF if we wanted this to happen… I just gave birth to two happy and health little girls all thanks to Dr. Abae and his staff. We wouldn’t have gotten to this point without their knowledge and patience for us.

– A patient review, 2017
Couple celebrates pregnancy after visiting Envita Fertility Center

A dream come true … after treatment from Dr. Abae & staff, which was about 20 yrs ago. He is truly an excellent and very honest doctor. I have 2 wonderful children they are now young adults 19 yrs old and 17 yrs old. After surgery at 38 yrs old … I had a beautiful girl and boy. Patience and relaxing really helped me also. Thank you for making dreams come true, Dr. Abae.

– A former patient, 2018

Going above and beyond

I chose to switch fertility clinics after a terrible experience at the first one I went to. Once I was with Dr. Abae I immediately felt comforted in my decision. The office is smaller in volume which allows for individualized care. You feel like a real person and not a number or dollar sign as most fertility clinics treat you. The staff, and nurses are amazing. They go above and beyond and we’re able to walk me through this process. I am so very happy I decided to go with Dr. Abae and as a result I am 6 weeks pregnant today! I will be forever grateful for all the care I received.

– A patient review, 2020

Amazing doctor

After going to another clinic for months without results, Dr. Abae looked at all my test results and quickly determined I would be a good candidate for a mini cycle. My body responded just like he thought it would and on the second try my little miracle had implanted. I was very happy with his bedside manner, always made me feel at ease and confident about the treatment. Follow all their instructions and 90% chance you will soon get your little bundle of joy.

– Past patient, 2019
Couple celebrates pregnancy after visiting Envita Fertility Center

Our experience working with Dr. Abae and his staff was amazing. Every time we walked through the door we were always greeted with a smile and were treated like family. The staff are so caring, they always took the time to answer every question and treat us with kindness and respect. Dr. Abae is extremely thorough, dedicated and knowledgeable and was always there for us – even on the weekends. Highly recommended.

–A patient review, 2017

Warm and friendly

We’re currently 24 weeks pregnant thanks to Dr. Abae and his crew. It was hectic at times and there were times when I felt more time could’ve been spent explaining what is going on and what each medication was for… but I’m happy with the end result. The staff was always there for me and super warm and friendly while Dr. Abae is an aloof business man, I still felt safe and confident as his patient. After all the testing, we were unable to find a cause for my infertility but we are expecting FINALLY. Thank you!

– A happy patient, 2017


First time visiting this facility, the staff was courteous, overall just pleasant. Dr. Abae was very thorough and reassuring, my procedure was over quicker than anticipated. I highly recommend.

– A happy patient, 2017

Pregnant for the second time

Dr. Abae recently helped me get pregnant for the second time. He is brilliant and thorough and patient and calm. He diagnosed my issue and dealt with it systematically. The staff was also very friendly. The fees are high but it’s worth it for the monitoring and reassurance. I would definitely recommend and have to friends!

– A happy patient, 2017
Photos of babies born after parents visited Envita Fertility Center for infertility treatments | Orange County, CA

Professional and caring

Dr. Abae and his staff are very professional and caring. Going through infertility treatment is very difficult but they were all so kind and helpful. I visited another practice in the area prior to starting treatment here and was so discouraged. Thankfully I found Dr Abae and am now pregnant. THANK YOU!

– A happy patient, 2017

Passionate doctor

Dr. Abae is definitely a doctor that is passionate about what he does. After a bunch of shots and emotions. I am now 12 weeks pregnant thanks to him and his staff. He even came in on a Sunday just for me because that’s when I was cycling and need to be seen. His staff always answered the phone, were always friendly, and got me the information I needed. Or they got back to me in a timely manner. Over my 10 months of visits with this office there was always people from all over the world in his office. And I do believe they are there because he is an exceptional doctor.

– A happy patient, 2016
Couple celebrates pregnancy after visiting Envita Fertility Center

There are not enough words to express how wonderful Dr. Abae and his staff are. Infertility is not an easy road to go down, but having the right doctor and team behind you makes all the difference in the world. Scheduling is always easy and prompt and the staff always goes the extra mile to make you feel well cared for.

–A patient review, 2016

I feel like I am the only patient he has

Dr. Abae is a wonderful doctor. Every time I am there, I feel like I am the only patient he has. He is by far the nicest doctor I’ve seen. He was recommended to me by three different doctors only by his excellent reputation. Just remember, he can’t make miracles, and if you think he is ordering unnecessary tests, then maybe you should trust more his medical knowledge and experience than your “google search”.

– A happy patient, 2016

I had a team behind me

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant after a successful round of IVF with Dr. Abae. All of his staff were so warm and kind during my entire process, always making me feel that I had a team behind me. Infertility is a very stressful situation, but having the right doctor can eliminate a lot of the heartache involved. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Abae to anyone struggling with having a baby. His knowledge, professionalism, and care far exceed any other doctor around.

– A happy patient, 2016

Eternally grateful

I am the happy mother of 11-year-old twin daughters that where brought into this world thanks to Dr. Abae. First attempt, BINGO! they are the best and I will be eternally grateful.

– A happy patient, 2015
Photos of babies born after parents visited Envita Fertility Center for infertility treatments | Orange County, CA


Hi Dr. Abae, We wanted to drop by and thank you again. I can’t believe our son is turning 7 next month. You were amazing and thank you again for what you did for us!

– A happy patient, 2015

Knows what they are doing

We are 10 weeks pregnant after our 2nd IVF attempt thanks to Dr. Abae. Professional, caring and helpful. Knows what they are doing. They had no problems answering our questions and were very responsive and determined. We are looking forward to welcoming our baby in 30 weeks!

– A happy patient, 2015

A doctor who listens

Dr. Abae is a great doctor who listens to the patient and is able to provide a clear diagnosis. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant because of Dr. Abae’s care.

– A happy patient, 2015

Couple celebrates pregnancy after visiting Envita Fertility Center

Thank you Dr. Abae and to all his staff for without them we would not have our children today. We thank our God for bringing the doctor into our lives in order to help us conceive.

–A patient review, 2015

Treats patients with respect

Dr Abae explained the IVF procedure in great detail. He treats his patients with respect. Every step of this life changing procedure was explained to me. I highly recommend Dr Abae to co-workers, friends and family.

– A happy patient, 2014

Took time with me

I had seen 3 doctors before I saw Dr. Abae and I still had no clue how the IVF process worked. Dr. Abae took time with me to explain things in a way I could understand. I felt like I knew what was happening and was confident they would take care of me. They did. I am now pregnant!

– A happy patient, 2014

Straight to the point

Dr. Abae has been awesome. He is straight to the point, and that’s my preference, and he is extremely thorough. I used to go to another clinic but I much prefer Dr. Abae’s. He was able to give me hope although I’m a really difficult case. Oh. And the office is impeccable!

– A happy patient, 2013

Understanding and compassionate

Dr. Abae is a very understanding and compassionate doctor who takes the time to listen to his patient’s. I recently had surgery by him and I felt more pain receiving the contrast for my MRI prior than the actual surgery. He explained the test and procedures in detail. I am now 10 days postoperative and if I didn’t see the films and have the incision sites, I would not believe I had surgery. I will highly recommend him for any surgery or treatment.

– A happy patient, 2011
Couple celebrates pregnancy after visiting Envita Fertility Center

Excellent one on one service. The staff always knew my name and took the time to answer my questions.

–A patient review, 2011

Great experience

We had a great experience at Dr. Abae’s office. First of all the front desk answer the phone and directs the call accordingly. We were explained everything about our bills, procedures, and dates in a very clear manner. Dr. Abae spent a good amount of time with us asking us questions and answering our questions. I would highly recommend this place.

– A happy patient, 2011