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Envita Fertility Clinic Medical Staff

Together as our medical staff and as individuals, our people make the patient experience at Envita exceptional

Patients’ needs and comfort is at the heart of the way we have designed our medical and administrative services. In every step of a patient’s visit with Envita, we minimize delays and optimize streamlined delivery of care, from initial consult to each treatment appointment.

Our medical staff members are specialists in fertility medicine. Each one is focused on patient education and guidance so every patient feels confident and prepared in choosing the best path forward for them.

At Envita, everyone is a VIP – very important patient

And we have a thing for the small things: Each Envita patient gets a dedicated fertility coordinator, a patient’s personal care guide through every clinic detail, from the very first phone call to meeting your little miracle.

Our team approach to superb patient experiences – and success

At Envita Fertility Center, patients are not numbers to us, but future moms and dads. We get to know you and your concerns, preferences and goals. We know your story.

We understand that navigating fertility treatments can be overwhelming, which is why we provide concierge quality service. Each patient receives a patient coordinator who ensures that Envita always meets the concierge level of care. From the first phone call to the clinic, our patient coordinators serve as a personal guide.

Our fertility specialist, Dr. William Freije, oversees our patients’ care and the training of our medical staff. Lab Director Dr. Avisa Asemi manages all aspects of Envita’s important in-house in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab. Both are dedicated to excellent patient experiences, as are the medical staff members who follow.

Andrologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) Julie Ha

Envita Fertility Center Andrologist / Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Julie Ha

Julie is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) licensed andrologist and a senior embryologist. Julie arrived at Envita with 20 years of experience working at IVF labs in Los Angeles and another 13 years of experience in Seoul, South Korea.

As an andrologist at Envita, Julie performs semen analysis, cryopreserves sperm, and all andrology services. Julie also has extensive experience in more complex male infertility cases, such as MESA and TESE procures.

Julie has strong interests in sperm fertilization rates, conducting research and publishing a paper in the Korean Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Korean (fluent)

Registered Nurse Vivian Wei Janio

Envita Fertility Center Registered Nurse Vivian Wei Janio, RN, MSN

Vivian is passionate about women’s health and wellness and is working toward her nurse practitioner license to better serve and care for her patients. Motherhood increased her personal mission to help all her patients fulfill their goals of becoming parents.

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Chinese (fluent)

Pharmacist Nikki Mashayekhi, PharmD

Envita Fertility Center Pharmacist, Nikki Mashayekhi

As a California licensed pharmacist, Nikki has provided services for Ob-Gyn, IVF, and infertility medication management and infertility therapy. Even before completing her doctorate in pharmacy (PharmD) in 2016, Nikki had a passion for women’s health. Prior to becoming a registered pharmacist (RPh), she worked as a certified midwife, providing prenatal and postnatal care as well as conducting and monitoring infusion therapy for parenteral medications.

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Farsi (fluent)

Patient Coordinator Sherrie Bement, MBA, MS

Envita Fertility Center Patient Coordinator Sherrie Bement, MBA, MS

Sherrie knows how important it is for patients to have a custom treatment plan, as her personal experience with infertility treatments gives her special insight into what Envita’s patients are facing. Sherrie has a very compassionate heart and is always willing to help others.

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Korean (fluent), Chinese (fluent), Japanese (basic), Spanish (basic)

Patient Coordinator Becky Yin

Envita Fertility Center Patient Coordinator Becky Yin

As someone who became a parent after going through IVF treatments, Becky uses her own experience to compassionately guide patients through their own fertility treatments. Whether the patient is doing IVF or needs an egg donor or surrogate, she is with that person every step of the way. Becky’s favorite part of working at Envita is being able to witness the magic moment when patients become parents.

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Chinese (fluent)

Medical Assistant Maria Buford

Envita Fertility Center Medical Assistant Maria Buford

Maria is experienced in assisting patients and physicians in clinical and administrative roles. A certified Phlebotomy Technician I, Maria is also certified as a clinical and administrative medical assistant and in basic life support. She brings to Envita an enthusiastic approach to team care and a clear understanding of front- and back-office procedures.

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Surgical Technician Simone Contreras

Envita Fertility Center Surgical Technician Simone Contreras

Simone has several years of experience as a surgical technologist in both large hospitals and in the United States military. She helped start an orthopedic program at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton where she served as senior surgical tech on 5,000 cases. Simone has 24 years of medical training and work experience, giving her vast knowledge of the medical field. She takes pride in her care for patients as a team player and is dedicated to her profession.

Languages spoken: English (fluent)

Join the Envita team

Team members at Envita enjoy a rewarding career in fertility healthcare. It’s not just a job when you’re helping people have families who otherwise could not.

Check for open positions on our Fertility Healthcare Jobs page.

We have a thing for the small things

  • Our world-class clinic offers a welcoming, small-practice atmosphere and is designed for the patient, down to the smallest details that are fine-tuned for success.
  • We serve a smaller number of patients than other clinics so we can focus on quality time and care for each individual.
  • Our fertility doctor pays close attention to the details, and sees the patient at every visit.
  • Our IVF lab takes special care of embryos through the most advanced technology available.
  • We celebrate each little miracle born with Envita’s help.

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